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The principals and professionals have written numerous papers, articles, and books based on their experience, education, and research.


The articles and papers have been published in prestigious peer review journals and academic venues.

A complete bibliography for the authors is available in The People.

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The authors have published fourteen books. The books cover such diverse topics as engineering to high-energy physics, economics, applied psychology, and theology.

Electrical Failure Analysis for Fire & Incident Investigations contains over 400 illustrations. The book is structured for anyone working in the failure analysis industry. This includes engineers, technicians, investigators, insurance, legal, supervisors, and staff.

Electrical Engineering in a Nutshell is a review text as preparation for the professional engineering exam.

Electrical Systems - Fundamentals for Industryis particularly designed for individuals that encounter electrical systems  in their work, but electrical is not their primary area. This includes engineers, technicians, mechanics, and supervisors.

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Systems Design & the 8051 is a complete design text for the hardware, firmware, and software design of microprocessor systems.

Micro-controllers in System Design is an introductory text on the software and hardware design of computer systems based on the 8051 family.

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Leadership & Success in Relationships & Communications is a personal development text covering temperament, communications, and relationships.

Leadership & Success in Organizations, Culture, & Ethics is a business structures text addressing international culture, effective organizations, and ethics.

Leadership & Success in Economics, Law, & Technology is a text about interaction between business and society.

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Unified Field Theory in One Equation is a high-energy physics treatise which solves the centuries old dream of a comprehensive relationship. One dynamic energy equation encompasses electric-magnetic, mass-diffusion, and constant-waves over time into a unified field theory.

Belief Tendencies, the Intersection of Science, Philosophy, and Theology is a philosophy treatise which correlates perceptions into relational, rational, and maverick tendencies. In the process, the natural laws are defined and cosmogony is illustrated.

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Who Is This God? asks the question, How does the supernatural relate to people? Since the beginning of history, these questions have been the topics of theology and mythology.

An Intellectual's Argument About God is a brief treatise on the logical argument about  What's wrong with everything?



The principals have written dissertations for their doctoral studies.

Dr. Robert A. Durham's doctoral research on utility acquisitions has been recognized by multiple energy regulatory agencies and courts including Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC). Dissertation

Dr. Marcus O. Durham's doctoral research on use of single phase induction machines to create balanced 3-phase power generation with passive devices remains an intriguing mathematical analog solution.



The principals have written two engineering e-books used in university classes.

Electric Machines & Power addresses energy conversion between magnetic, electrical, and mechanical systems.

Electrical Engineering Circuit Concepts is an introductory electrical engineering text.

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